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Welcome to the Fantast Website.

We the Fantast Family welcome you to the Fantast Collection Shop. Here you will find amazing books in grades rarely seen. These books have been kept with the greatest of care for 40 plus years. 

Check back often as we are adding Slabs daily, Trading Cards will also be avaible in the near future.

Since diving into this whirlwind, my comic collecting passion's gone supernova. I've laid eyes on books I'd only dreamt about, seen 'em in photos or at cons.

Now, its your turn to own Slabs from the Fantast Collection! This  website was built just for YOU. You're officially part of the Fantast Family. Here's hoping you uncover your holy grail here and dive into some killer merch!

We're tossing in new Comics, Cards, and Merch practically every week, so keep those eyes peeled!

Oh, and hold onto your capes—we've got a bunch of other mind-blowing stuff in the works. (Cue the Lex Luthor Laugh)

Erik Hodson Fantast Artist




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