The Kingpin

Darren Watts

The bigwig and top dog of the selling superman documentary. Darren's got the keys to the fantast fortress of solitude. As the keeper of the collection, Darren seals the deals that maintain its health and vitality.

The Fixer

Brian Kruger

As the Fixer of the Fantast Collection Brian is dedicated to the preservation of the cultural artifacts contained within. With his keen eye for detail Brian contributes significantly to preserving the cultural heritage of the collection.

The Archivist

Adam Kellert

Adam's passion for comics knows no bounds! With the precision of a master archivist, he navigates the labyrinthine catacombs of his collection, meticulously analyzing each treasured issue.

His discerning eye for detail ensures that only the finest specimens are presented to the Kingpin, each a prime candidate for the esteemed grading process!"

The Artist

Erik Hodson

The Marker is wilder than the sword, or so they say. Erik sketches for Fantast, from the custom CGC label to the vibrant graphics and ads. Erik even draws his own punchlines!

Erik's Website

The Bookie

Janine Anderegg

She's the anchor that secures the mission! Our Wonder Woman Janine navigates the data, perfects the details, without her, the ship would steer off course!

The Wildcard

Mark Rodriguez

Every crew needs it's wildcard! Mark slings the Collections the half a million trading cards like a pro vegas gambler! From Sports to non sports, he does it all!